Do you see the light?

As an independent lighting designer I see homes where lighting has been an afterthought idea. But with a flick of the switch, the right lighting will change everything. By hiring a professional lighting designer the correct lighting will change the mood, the character of the space and the function of your home.

Want to know how I do this?

See the light

Don’t settle for an outdated lighting plan full of downlights.  Transform your home with your own customized lighting plan.

Get you light right with bemaux lighting design:

a clear design that is functional,  dynamic and brings the right mood into your living space

a design that includes everything for purchasing and installation

expert advice and solutions for beautiful and functional lighting in your home

Don’t settle for an outdated lighting plan full of downlights.

light advies
Lichtplan Bemaux interieurstyling licht
Lichtplan woning Bemaux

What can you expect? With my design approach you will get the best results for you and your home.

Let’s meet!

All my projects start with a consultation. I begin by understanding your needs and  requirements to make light functional and beautiful throughout your home.

Most consultations take place at your home because I design for people and I want tot talk with the homeowner. See how he lives and what his lifestyle is. Whether you’re renovating your existing home, or building a new one from plans  I can provide a lighting design that establish your budget.

Let’s make a concept lighting plan

This is where I take everything we discussed in the meeting and turn it into a lighting design that’s easy to install and understand.  I can manage the design plan for you or you can take the design plan and do it yourself. Included in the lighting design plan is full specifications of all light fittings and a full budget breakdown.

You’ll also receive full support throughout the design development and build of your home.

Let’s buy!

As the purchasing process  of lighting can be time consuming, and confusing I can offer a purchasing and processing service . I will ask for offers, check and approve the lighting and label them according to the design concept plan to make it super easy for your installing electrician.  No time wasted!

in short

help you answer the key question: what do you want so see?

what is the main function of the room

discuss the different lighting effects that would create a beautiful, functional and creative light in your home


help you clarify your budget for lighting

Advice @ home

With a design advice  @ home you will get an advice that fits your budget and brings the right light into your home. With the right light, a dark and gloomy home can be elevated into a welcoming space,  highlighting what’s important to you. I design for people that’s why I want to speak with you, the homeowner.

Do you want to see the light?

Call me to see how you can get the right light in your home. T : 06 15 201 181

Lichtplan Bemaux interieurstyling planning